As Visus Lights

We believe in Quality. We hunger for Usability.
And we live for Adventure.

With our one-of-a-kind headlamp, we aim to bring safety, security and the spirit of discovery to people of all pursuits: from simple night-time dog walks around the neighborhood to deep-cave spelunkers descending into uncharted territory. We pair comfort with utility to forge a light with such a broad, reliable cone of illumination, you forget you’re in the dark at all.

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Our names are Frederic and Martin, and for most of our lives, we’ve been two outdoors-loving pioneers who weren’t satisfied with only leaving our explorations to the daylight hours. We yearned to find something that decimated the darkness with a full 180 degrees of empowering brilliance, but nothing quite got the job done… so we created it.

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Now we invite you to conquer new territory and shine light where you’ve never gone before.
Because day or night, the world is waiting.